Judy has been reappointed the London Borough of Harrow’s Community Poet.  She is holding events in Harrow with the support of Carillion Services who run the libraries in Harrow.

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Judy’s latest book, Tower of Bagels (ISBN 978-0-9548596-3-3) is now published.  It’s a fact that the majority of poets do not write about fishballs, shudder while describing men quivering at a circumcision or admit to cleaning the house before the cleaner arrives.

To make amends, Tower of Bagels is packed with poems about the Jewish year and family life, grandchildren, the joys of shopping for a bargain and much, much more.

Contact Judy if you want to know more or buy it on Amazon.

A performance poet and speaker, Judy's subject is life She mercilessly parodies well-known songs – her audience robustly joins in the chorus, though whether in exuberant self-expression or an attempt to drown her out is not always clear...

Specialising on trivia, such as why we say Bits & Bobs, Judy’s talks range from the secret lives of our some our most loved poets and writers to comparing Hollywood Westerns with the real Wild West, including the true Calamity Jane and Wyatt Earp. If you want to know why Gingham is so-called or where the word somersault comes from, you need to hear her talk Boudoir, Bigot and Binge - you may never wear gingham again!

Judy entertains on cruises (Royal Caribbean, NCL and Princess are some of the lines she’s worked on), she runs a regular poetry writing class and is a frequent radio broadcaster.  You can see more about her on YouTube.

Her poetry has been widely published in the national press. Her book Pots, Pans & Poetry, Volume 1, embodies her fun, easy-to-follow workshop methods of writing effective poetry and is published by Poetry Press, as is her CD, Footloose – The Voice.

Her book, Get Out Of My Head!, was co-written with Alison Islin who suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and has been featured on ITV's This Morning programme, Prima magazine and Woman’s Own.  Further details to be found on the Publications page.

Judy, together with Pattie Greenberg, founded and now run

The Jewish Poetry Society.   

Judy Karbritz